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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 3, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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country a happy easter. sean will be back here monday have a great weekend everyone! but here is o'reilly instead. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> when you listen to rush limbaugh or glenn beck, it's troublesome. >> bill: president obama's poll numbers continue to fall. and he believes some conservative commentators are driving them down. we'll take a look at it. >> stick around and listen to hear what we're going to say. maybe you will learn something. >> bill: another sarah palin controversy. students at california state university say she should not be allowed on campus. we'll analyze that. >> i would like to present the recipient of the silver pen to the greatest broadcaster in human history to me. [ laughter ] >> bill: glenn beck continues to get massive attention. we will talk with him. caution. you are about to enter the no swing money is. the factor begins right -- no
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spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: , hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama's approval rating drops to all-time low. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. according to a new cbs news poll, just 44% of americans believe the president is now doing a good job. 41% say he is not. the rest don't know. that is mr. obama's lowest approval rating ever. so what's driving it? well, the president responded on cbs. >> i think that when you listen to rush limbaugh or glenn beck, it's. >> it's beyond that. >> it's pretty apparent. it's troublesome. but, you know, keep in mind that there have been periods in american history where this kind of i have vitriol comes out. it happens often when you have
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got an economy that is making people more anxious, people are feeling as if there is a lot of change that needs to take place. i think the vast majority of americans know we are trying hard. that i want what's best for the country. >> that may be true. there is no question many americans are now skeptical the "wall street journal" echoed the factor and said obama care may, indeed, be unconstitutional because the federal government can't force americans to buy a product. health insurance we said that back in august. one footnote the car insurance mandate is driven by public safety and also a state issue. now, the president sincerely believes that crerves hurting his image. his outrage is selective. the left attacks the president's critics with even more vitriol than the right uses. but mr. obama never mentions that. he must not watch nbc news. talking points believes it sun
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employment, bitterness surrounding health care, the massive debt, and the huge expansion of the federal government that is driving mr. obama's poll numbers down. it's not about conservative commentators. also the president has lost almost every right-leaning independent voter because he has governed almost exclusively from the left. there is little center in his presentation. this week's announcement about drilling for oil is an attempt to stop that bleeding. so the president is definitely aware of where he is in the court of public opinion. talking points expects mr. obama will use his rhetorical skills to try to calm the waters. we also expect him to take a tougher posture against iran. no question there is a hearts and minds battle in america right now with the election next november the end game. that's the memo. reaction to where the president finds himself, joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. author of the big best seller "courage and consequence." do you think that the obama
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administration with this new cbs poll, which is a liberal leaning poll, is any danger? are they in danger? >> well, they are going to lose and the president has squandered the goodwill of the american people. he has lost not only many right leaning democrats and independence but centrist democrats and independents over the last year by the spending an the deficits and the health care bill. you know what was interesting, bill? that n. that segment you quoted from him where he was talking about vitriol, these are words that are in a new democratic national email fundraising appeal. they refer to the president's opponents as narrow, excuse me vile two bit wing nuts, narrow-minded, nut jobs, slimy thugs, gas bags, hate spewing venom and call for them to slink back to what century they have crawled from. i wonder if the president of the united states finds anything put out by his national party organization by his people troublesome. >> bill: is that a dnc deal that
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came out there or a critique of the factor? >> your name wasn't mentioned in this, i'm sorry to say they did mention rush limbaugh and glenn beck. >> bill: rating success of the factor. that was a dnc thing? >> it's a democratic national fundraising appeal asking for people to contribute money to house democrats. >> bill: who put it out? >> put out by the dnc or the detriple c. the democratic congressional campaign committee and democratic national committee chaired by tim kaine. the president's hand picked guy. if the president wants to lower the temperature. far in excess of what anybody in the public record that i have seen has said about the president. this is what his people are saying about the opponents of the president maybe it's time for the president to suggest his own people cool their jets. >> bill: selective outrage. president obama would be better served himself if he were to suggest that hey both sides ought to take it down a couple of notches.
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what about this oil drilling thing? that took me by surprise because his core crew doesn't want any kind of oil drilling at all. why do you think he did it? let's be clear about. this repealed its ban drilling off the east and west coast in the united states and off of alaska what the president did was he tried to make it look like he was acting in that congressional ban in expanding drilling. what he was doing was taking congressional ban, which had been repealed and setting off limits big swaches of the west coast, bristol bay a huge area of development in alaska and parts of the east and gulf coast from drilling and saying the existing contracts let by the previous administration, the sales could be executed. they wouldn't try to stop them. if they tried to stop them, there would be huge court cases because there was a legal binding contract between the united states government and those companies that bought
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those leases. this was a nothing-burger that he tried to present as a big dramatic gesture in order to get climate change. >> bill: this is interesting. i didn't know any of this -- kroncke, it was a fate of come plea that oil drilling was going to happen anyway because congress rescinded. >> repealed its banned, right. >> bill: entered into legal contracts with oil drillers. it was going to happen. so that the president's announcement all it did was limit where the drilling would be. so what he did was ason to his base. -- sop. it's not a reachout to the moderates because it was going to happen anyway. >> it's a pr gesture. second one in the week. remember last week when the president in a dramatic gesture reduces amount of nuclear weapons with agreement from 2200 to 1500 and we had all the media just fawning over this. guess what?
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i didn't hear a single report about how in the previous administration president bush had reduced nuclear stockpiles from 6,000 weapons to 2200 weapons and challenged the russians to follow our lead, which they did do there was no mention of it last week. first time in 30 years in which nuclear stockpiles had been reduced. bush did it. >> bill: let me get this straight. you are asking the liberal media to give president bush credit for a prior reduction of nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons? that's what you are asking for, mr. rove? >> i'm asking for people to put this all in perspective and do the right thing. >> you know, right. i know it's easter weekend. >> look. i'm not really interested in the media what i'm interested in is president obama feels the necessity to sort of try to get his ship righted by making these big p.r. gestures which if you examine them turn out to be a lot more insignificant lot more
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hollow than you might think. one is oil drilling -- >> bill: i don't know that. that is a fascinating example. i don't want to you enter the land of oz by expecting the mainstream media. >> wait a minute. i'm young and idealistic. don't be -- you are so cynical, please. i'm young. let me keep my idealism about me. >> bill: talking about young and idealistic. you had a run-in with code pink in beverly hills. didn't you expect when you went to beverly hills that you have nuts coming at you for a book-signing? didn't you expect it. >> what was interesting was i thought this was well-organized event it was supposed to be a prestige venue as my publisher said it was the first and it will be the last book tour stop i have where there was not security. but, you know what? i wish there wasn't so much attention paid to it. because i had a fantastic swing through california. 500 people showed up in fresno at 7:00 a.m. to buy the book. 350 people in lafayette, california, east of san francisco showed up at lunch. 500 more than 500 people showed up tap at a dinner in mow
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destoe. i had a fantastic 450 books purchased. great dinner and two great events in san diego and one in la jolla. i went to victorville, california. you probably don't know where that. >> i know where it is. i have been to victorville. >> it's the former home of the roy rogers museum. and there were 300 and some odd people at lunch buying my book. >> bill: great trip. code pink attacking you. you will don't get any more entertainment than that if i were you, i would have taken the woman's hat and tworn during my presentation. [ laughter ] >> that's you, bill. that's not me. pink is a good color for you. but not for me. >> bill: it's true. thanks for coming on. next on the rundown. another sarah palin controversy. some college students in california don't want her on campus. we'll find out why. later, glenn beck on why he has become a lifn
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. sarah palin isn't the most controversial person in the country, she is close. later some student opposition to her appearance at a california state university set for june. the governor will be paid by the foundation sponsoring a 50th anniversary celebration for the school and there is anger in the air. joining us now from san francisco, ashley briggs, a junior at the school. alicia lewis a senior. ms. lewis, let me begin with
6:14 am
you, do you object to governor palin coming to campus and if so why? >> yes, i do object to her coming to our campus for the specific event. not because of her specific policies or an attempt to block her from speaking her views, just because we feel that the event should embrace the community at large and should reflect the 50th anniversary of our campus specifically. >> this foundation wants to raise money for your school so you guys can have more scholarship money and things like that. mrs. palin has already -- has already passed her speaking fee and is bringing in money to the university so it seems even if you don't like her philosophy, that she is doing good for the college, ms. lewis. am i wrong? >> you are not wrong that she is bringing in money for the school through the foundation. it's just -- it hasn't been
6:15 am
fully disclosed on what she is being paid, what the stipulations of other contract are so we can't evaluate the money. >> none are disclosed. look, if howard dean were to come in here to your school would you protest against howard dean? >> um, we would be protesting still the fact that our foundation is not transparent on all financial expenditures. >> bill: that's a separate issue. would you object to howard dean speaking on the campus? >> um, yes. i think for this specific event. >> bill: you would? >> considering that i wouldn't protest anybody else. it's about our 50th an anniversary. >> bill: bland and not controversial maybe you will get me. maybe i will come out there. [ laughter ] how about ms. briggs, do you object to sarah palin and if so, why? >> i do. um, right now i feel that with the types of budget cuts, the type of um, feeling there is on
6:16 am
our campus it's, i think this is a great time to bring the community together and to bring students and faculty together. >> bill: together with whom? who is going to bring you together? if you get any provocative speaker there is going to be people not going to like them. do you want sting to come? who do you want to come? >> you should come. >> bill: can i come. believe me, that's not going to bring the campus together. [ laughter ] >> bill: i mean, you would sell it out and make money but the governor is doing that for you. look, it looks to me and i have looked at your facebook page. you put this up on the facebook page and i want to get back to you, ms. lewis, you put up a facebook page. you have read some of the comments about governor palin on this page, madam? have you seen some of the hateful stuff that's been posted there? >> yes, we have seen some of the not, you know, polite and rude comments. >> bill: why don't you scrub them? there is one comment that says something about her down syndrome baby. we would rather hear him speak
6:17 am
than her. why didn't you scrub that. >> we have been going through. >> being the moderators, we have been, you know, on our free time, two college students and our personal obligations going through and trying to delete the hateful and rude but basically like pointless comments. >> bill: it's just absurd. >> yeah, it doesn't help. >> bill: you want to bring the campus together. okay. but it looks to me like an ideological play. here you have a prestigious woman, sarah palin, who ran on the vice presidential ticket last time around. all right. who millions of americans admire, millions of americans -- she sold 2.5 million books, which is a lot. >> right. >> bill: so, to me, it looks like it's got to be an ideological play if, number one, the school is going to make money. you said you needed money, you are getting it. she is going to make it number two, she ran as vice president. all right? that's our system. she is big. but you still don't want her to come. it's ideological play.
6:18 am
let's be honest about it. is it not? >> no. i don't believe that it is. i think it's coming down to the 50th anniversary of the campus and of our community embracing the college environment. we are wanting to bring everybody together. people who have donated from all of the political spectrum. >> bill: she is the vice presidential candidate. what about you, ms. briggs, are you going to cop to the political ideology here. >> no, i'm not. >> bill: you are not. >> no. i feel that political ideology is irrelevant right now. what we mean, we are upset about is our csu foundation not disclosing how much money she has been paid and not disclosing where this money is going. >> bill: that's not a palin issue. that's internal issue. you are facebooking it on palin. harry bell font at a, you love him, ms. briggs? you love harry? you love harry? do you know him? harry belafonte? >> no. >> bill: you don't know him?
6:19 am
>>. no so we're trying. >> bill: wait. do you love harry belafonte. >> no. >> bill: he spoke at the university of california system. nobody protested harry. harry loves hugo chavez. he is a socialist. he loves fidel. come on, this is ideology, ladies. >> right. our schooling has been bringing in, you know, different speakers through the foundation and regardless of political -- what side of the political spectrum we stand on we are advocating that they should be transparent on the financial. >> bill: transparent, i'm glad. that's a good cause. they should be transparent. >> right. >> bill: i don't think you guys are being -- i don't think you are being quite honest with us. i think this is ideology. go to your facebook page. i think you see that but, ladies, you know what? a lot of guests to come on here. >> also, our facebook group has the name sarah palin in it because just like the csu foundation did, it attracts
6:20 am
people. >> bill: i got it and i have no problem with it. but if you look at it, it's all ideologically driven. but, ladies, we appreciate you being stand-up and coming on. wield like to you vote in our bill o' poll which asks do you think sarah palin will run for president on the tea party ticket? do you think she will run on the tea party ticket? 2012? we will give you the results on that on monday. directly ahead, geraldo in directly ahead, geraldo in afghanistan andry so kate you were stressed, a lot of junk food on the go and you were... a little irregular, sluggish. my daughter needed activia! so i gave it a try and wow. it works. now she has a spring on her step. i'm loving it, every morning. mmmm. avo: help get your system back on track. activia with bifidus regularis helps regulate your digestive system would you recommend activia? i already have. she recommends it. what are you waiting for? singer: activia.
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geraldo joins us now from camp leather neck in the helmand profnts in the south of that country. there is a delay, ladies and gentlemen, please be patient with us. you have a couple of guys with you. tell us about what happened to them. >> before we do anything else, bill. let me introduce three american heros all in early 20's in this is lance corporal alan hart. langdon and the three of them involved in ied attack just three days ago. the first two suffered concussions. corporal lava here actually had a collapsed lung. he has just been awarded the purple heart. i just wanted to say hello and wish them all a happy easter. how are you feeling.
6:24 am
>> pretty good. >> we appreciate your service and thank you very much for everything have you done for your country. appreciate you. thank you. bill, one of the most ironic things -- okay. >> bill: let me seat it up here. the problem we are having in afghanistan is corruption. all right? where you are the karzai government has not been able to secure the area because the people don't trust them. it's not an american problem. it's a karzai-afghan problem. so how do you see it? >> well, you know, i was saying the most bitter irony is that our forces fought over this exact same ground. i was with this same unit the first battalion of the sixth marines back in 2004. we had beaten the until then. but then we had to drill draw them away to help in the iraq. we robbed peter to pay paul.
6:25 am
many compare the current afghan government to vietnam. i don't think that's the analogy at all. i think the current afghan government is much more like what is going on in the nation of colombia. this is a narcostate. this is a country in which the most lucrative crop that can be grown is the opium poppy. pharmacy everywhere, this is poppy everywhere. this is the season for poppy everywhere. everybody is making a ton of money off these drugs. it is not in their vested interest even if they want to keep civic order or if they want to enrich themselves to do anything about the poppy production. karzai himself is not only corrupt in the sense that we don't know if he is stealing money but his brother ahmed by every account is a major drug trafficker, drug lord. even though he does have legitimate activities as well. and karzai, i think some of his attitude toward the united states in recent days, some of
6:26 am
his arrogance, some of his sayings what he wants is to blame the west and the united states for perpetrating fraud on the afghan people, inviting mahmoud ahmadinejad the iranian president here, giving him a much bigger embrace than he gave president barack obama just a few days ago, i think he is playing a dangerous game but at the heart of it is the cascade of money that comes from aid from the west and from the drugs grown right from this territory right here. >> bill: all right. now, can we buy those farmers off? they are not making the big money. the big money is made by the traffickers, the heroin traffickers. can't we buy those farmers off and destroy the crop, pay them, pay the folks around them, and just obliterate it? >> i think that is the best answer to what to do about afghanistan's drug problem. we have to be the major purchaser. right now the opium is about to be harvested. why don't we move in and if the
6:27 am
drug dealers give them 5 bucks we will give them 6 or $7. we take the opium to use some of it for pharmaceuticals. destroy the rest. the farmer gets taken care of. you encourage them next year instead of planting opium we will give you the 6 bucks or 7 bucks per bushel for you to plant, i don't know, carrots, raspberries, whatever gross here. i'm not a farmer. i think that that kind of practical approach, that practical solution is what has to be done here. we have the best war fighters there can be. nobody can defeat the marines. behind the marines you have the 101st airborne coming in here. if i was -- if i had stock in taliban companies, i would be shorting that stock. they are about to be given a severe hurt. the marines already in marjah gave them a severe hurt. in kandahar the same thing is coming down the road. they cannot defeat us militarily. the drone strikes on the other side of the pakistani border. the enemy is in disarray and is retreating but they sustain
6:28 am
themselves on the poison of the opium that grows everywhere and until we address that, and the corruption, when the government official is getting $300 a month to be straight and $3,000 a month to be crooked or $30,000 a month to be crooked, it is he is extremely difficult to clean up your civic society. so i think that we have to have a pragmatic approach, recognize that this is the heartland of the opium crop in the world. 60% of the whole planet's supply at least coming from right around helmand province where we dug the irrigation canals in the 1960s. i think we have to be pragmatic on the one hand. ruthless on the other and as to karzai, when he comes to washington next month, president obama, the rest of the united states government standing together and the united nations have to tell him that where the hell does he get off. >> bill: that's right. >> accusing us of the kind of that lingering and evil doing that he and his cronies are doing. >> bill: maybe we will go down and see him.
6:29 am
you and me take care of karzai. take him out on the town. stay safe over there. as the factor moves forward this evening did you know that raquel welch is a conservative? we will find out how that happened. glenn beck on wildest moments over the past few months. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fir and whole grain... making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning nger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short.
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6:32 am
ms. welch nearly 70 years old now is a conservative. she writes about that in her book called raquel beyond the cleavage. >> bill: i have to say i'm very disappointed by the title of your book. i wanted to use it for my sequel bold fresh beyond the cleavage. you reached the apex of your fame in the late 1960's, you did turbulent time in america then. whole country changed. [chanting] >> bill: now the whole country is changing again. turbulent times. what's the difference between the late 1960's and 2010 in your opinion. >> in the late 196 os i felt like the america that i grew up with, everything that meant authority, everything that meant god, family and country was out the window. that was all very passe. it was going to be a sexual revolution burn our bras. now i feel like we are under hard times now. i think probably the world is under economic hard times.
6:33 am
>> bill: before every oscar telecast we always discuss here on the factor why there aren't the big stars there used to be. look, everybody knows who raquel welch is. >> gentlemen, i am ira. >> bill: these people today, you know them for six months, they are gone. >> i think we have our stars in every single era. what could be better than sandra bullock. >> bill: you think the culture is the same as far as entertainment is concerned? >> i think beyonce is a big huge star. she is making movies. >> there is jlo, fergie. just the shelf life is very short. >> sometimes not always. i find exceptions. >> bill: i will be surprised if 20 years from now. beyonce may be exception. we are talking about any of those people. i want to get inside raquel welch's day. do you have a special diet? do you eat special food? >> not so much. everything that i do as far as that is concerned is in the
6:34 am
book. the diet thing is very small portions. and food combining. there is two sides to raquel. there is the sloppy girl. >> bill: yeah. >> who stays up and eats cake and cookies at night and then there is the raquel in training who, you know is, like a military recruit. i wake up at 5:00 in the morning. i'm in my yoga -- >> bill: 5:00 in the morning. >> i have to get in my car by 6:00. i do like to be awake when i'm driving. >> bill: where are you going. >> i'm going to my yoga class and in a room that's probably 110 degrees. i also sort of intermix it with weight training and. >> bill: you work out every day? >> do i work out usually when i am in training six days a week. but i'm not perfect. right now i'm putting my best face forward for you, bill. and i'm hoping it's working. >> bill: i could tell that you are not -- you know, look, you are not the average 70-year-old. you are just not. >> i am raquel welch. i'm paid to look good. >> bill: final question. do you follow politics? do you watch the factor.
6:35 am
>> yes, i do. >> bill: are you a conservative woman. >> i would say i'm more on the conservative side, yes. >> bill: how did that happen? because most hollywood pinheads, of course you are not one of those, are very left, very liberal. >> i don't know. i think it was my upbringing to tell you the truth. american values. i was raised in a certain way, ladies behave a certain way. your country is important. honor those people that do fight for our country. and did i go to vietnam and entertain the troops with the uso. i was fornted to go with bob hope while he was still alive. i had a great, great experience that really changed my life. when you look into the face of those young soldiers and you see that they are really, really young, and they are there because somebody said to them to go out and fight for their country and they are doing their duty. and you never forget it. >> bill: when we come right back, glenn beck unleashed. and, later, robin williams sparked an international controversy by bashing
6:36 am
australia. moments away.
6:37 am
6:38 am
>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. at the beck and call. tonight glenn beck is spring breaking. before he left, we talked about what he considers some of his greatest hits these past few months. here they are. beginning with the notorious congressman eric massa. >> now they are saying i groped a male staff. yeah, i did. >> bill: how did that massa thing go for you? >> well, i mean, i know you don't want to talk about this, but bill and i were just back stage a few minutes ago before the commercial break tickling each other. >> bill: you know, i would rather amputate my fingers, i really would. >> the guy was like oh no we were having tickle fights like that's normal? >> bill: why did you give him an hour on your show though. >> because he talked to me on the phone. he said, you know, i have nothing to lose. and i want to expose all of
6:39 am
this. >> bill: expose? did he use that word? >> >> come to think of it that should have been a tip off. >> i said why did you come on this show? he said i wanted the toughest interview there is i said that would be bill o'reilly. >> bill: why did you pick this one? why are you here? >> i want the toughest, most unforgiving interviewer ever. >> that would be bill o'reilly. >> he didn't call me. >> he would put new a meat grinder. >> okay. >> bill: i don't know how i would have done it because i don't even think that he is worthy of air time. i think that he is just another in a long line of people who can't control himselfs and he is out and good riddens to him. >> there has to be a reason why you and your crack staff wanted to devote that much time to the guy. >> i wanted to give him an opportunity to either hang himself without me. i don't need to hang anybody. he hung himself. >> bill: big show in chicago. you and i are going to miss it. >> farrakhan?
6:40 am
>> bill: wright. >> um-huh. >> bill: pfleger all on the same stage. >> my goodness. >> bill: giving each other awards. >> that's unbelievable. >> bill: you and i should do that. i give you an award you give me one? >> here. i would like to present the recipient of the silver pen for the greatest broadcaster in human history, to, me. [ laughter ] bill, what are you giving yourself today? >> bill: i'm just happy to be in your presence. i'm not giving myself anything. because wright is giving himself an award and two others. living legend. >> i understand if i wanted to say bill you are the greatest and give it tow and invite you. >> bill: i will take the pen, thank you. >> that was my award. >> bill: yesterday, i had a nice woman on the editor of the indy go and i said the media s. a frayed of them. that's why they are not covering. this they are afraid of them. if you say something negative you will have the wick -- wing nuts. like lieu a farrakhan deserves to be a living legend? she says no, no, no.
6:41 am
do you think the media is afraid of them. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: so you feel the way i do the media is afraid to criticize these guys? they don't want to criticize them? >> either that or they agree with them. >> bill: chicago tribune doesn't agree with them. >> no way. so what is it, bill? >> bill: they are a afraid. >> how about you and i go to chicago and do a living legend award and go to town i guarantee you -- let's do that. >> bill: the media would cover it. >> but there will be people that march in front and they would cover all of the controversy. >> bill: earlier this week i'm watching your program and you know pay me now to do that and i really appreciate it and you are mocking once again this poor guy from "time" magazine joe klein. roll the tape. >> oh how it must sicken poor joe to have to share this time space continuum with the likes of the little stupid people like sarah palin. and you, it must absolutely nawz
6:42 am
united states him to have to look at people like that, you know. as joe klein pondered the fact that, in alaska, where palin lives, there isn't even a harvard club. the problem is people like you but not you. surprisingly enough, you went to harvard but you don't seem to look down on the little people. >> bill: no, i do. i do. [ laughter ] >> this is the trick of the progressives. they really truly believe this is why they had eugenics. we have got to breed the stupidity out of people. they are dangerous people. >> bill: here is beck. and he has been on the air for one year at fox news channel. it's amazing that you haven't been fired yet. [ laughter ] >> it really is it really is. >> bill: a couple close calls. i saved you a couple of times. >> really? >> bill: yeah. >> only two? >> bill: not really, but it
6:43 am
sounds good. >> right. right. >> bill: i just want three things in the past year that you think that your program has done that's made a difference. >> in march, i said send us pictures of you. if you are a viewer send me a picture and we made it into a mosaic which we unveiled as the 912, this big poster made out of pictures. the reason why did i it is because i wanted people to realize they are not alone. now look at it. >> bill: so the first one is the movement that you are not alone. if you are mad, dissatisfied, get involved. >> right. >> bill: second one? >> second one would be we did our first documentary revolutionary holocaust live-free dot dot dot or die. >> >> bill: you took out guys and said look, these aren't just guys that names are famous. >> t-shirts. >> bill: these are bad guys. >> we know everything there is to know about hitler. but we don't know, tell me mr. harvard education how much does the left love george
6:44 am
bernard shaw. he said -- i asked scientists to come up with a humane gas because some people just aren't worth keeping around. >> bill: let's get rid of the inferior. >> bill: the third moment on the show? >> i don't think i could come up with three. i think i only did like 200 shows. >> bill: there wasn't a third one? >> how much do you want from me? >> this is very exciting. oh, you hold it up. >> bill o'reilly as a teacher. there he is, mr. william o'reilly, social studies. >> bill: the original mr. cotter. >> boy, he has gone to hell, hasn't he? >> i had a much better hair piece then than i have now. do you know what i'm talking about? hey, do i look like i'm taking any garbage in the classroom? >> no, you don't. that is a social studies teachers that you are either friends with our are like that dude is spooking me, man. he will take you out. >> bill: there was no rowdiness in that classroom.
6:45 am
not messing with that guy ♪ welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. >> bill: beck will be back on monday. we'll be back with the dumbest things of the week including a chat between snoop dogg and larry king that you have got to see. see. that, after these still haven't tried activia? listen to this story. my problem was occasional irregularity. my commercials didn't convince you? i'm definitely a skeptic. actually, my mom convinced me. and i have activia every morning for breakfast. activia definitely helped with my occasional irregularity. help get your system back on track. activia, with bifidus regularis helps regulate your digestive system. chances are someone you trust can recommend activia. ♪ activia! and try activia fiber. a delicious blend of cereal, fiber and activia yogurt.
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>> bill: back of the book
6:48 am
segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week starring juliet huddy and greg gutfeld, the red eye guy. we begin with juliet, who is putting snoop dogg and larry king in the dumb zone. >> marijuana has been kind of a trademark with you. do you still smoke it? >> every blue moon. >> how many blue moons are there? i don't keep count. >> there is a blue moon every day. >> you think it should be legalized. >> i know it should be legalized. legalize it and i will advertise it. >> here we go into snoopville. what's the name of the magic. >> this is magic. >> i'm still on the brake. why are we moving. >> that's me hitting the switch, baby. >> oh, you are controlling the gas. >> that's me controlling the -- ♪ up and down the street ♪ ginn and juice. >> bye. >> bill: then they were both busted for narcotics. >> that was the coolest larry king ever looked. >> bill: that's the coolest larry king has ever been. >> yeah, i think so.
6:49 am
>> bill: obviously that is the dumbest thing of the week. we don't have to talk about it, do we? did you pick out anything especially dumb about it? >> larry king wearing jeans. [ laughter ] larry king not knowing. >> you couldn't see the strings that operate larry king. it's amazing. >> bill: come on, gutfeld. >> we didn't see larry on in the interview. >> bill: too easy to make fun of king but he has been around forever. >> is he a legend. is he a miami guy. >> bill: is he an icon. easy to make unfinance of the guy. >> i was making fun of you, though. >> bill: i know. >> you are not a legend. >> bill: anything else dumb in particular about that. >> they were talking about president obama and what a job -- what a good job he is doing. whether or not is he doing a good job. >> bill: snoop dogg. >> yeah. >> bill: snoop is evaluating the president's performance. >> is there something wrong with that. >> bill: that's the guest i. want. if the country is going to hell i just want snoop dogg. just hold up your nails. >> i'm desperately holding on to
6:50 am
my youth with nail polish. >> bill: is that a twilight thing? turning into a vampire? >> yeah. >> bill: gutfeld you have selected as the dumbest thing a phil hare congressman phil hare from illinois, right? >> yep. >> bill: roll the tape on mr. hare. >> you don't have insurance and stuck with 15 or $15,000 bill your heart starts thumping what are you going to do? >> more doctors. >> where in the constitution? >> i don't worry about the constitution on this to be honest. [ laughter ] >> jackpot, brother. you know what i care more about? i care more about the people that dial die every day. >> you care more about that an the u.s. constitution that you are to uphold. >> i believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. it doesn't matter to me. >> bill: hare obviously defending obama care and they're challenging him on constitutional basis and he doesn't care about the constitution. >> i have got to give him credit. he is being honest. unlike all the other politicians, he is saying i
6:51 am
don't care. in terms of expanding government, if you offer entitlements to people, they don't care about the constitution. it's scary that he is telling the truth and i actually wish more democrats would come out and do the same thing as this guy did. >> you think it's done but you are giving him credit for being honestly done. >> in the word of shop in dog is he giving him props. >> bill: you think it's stupid. >> i have a feeling is he probably regetting that he said it. >> bill: defense of obama care within constitutional boundaries as they will in the supreme court. that's what's going to be in play there. rather than saying i don't care about the constitution. that might get you a loss. >> that will get you -- >> bill: in front of the justices. hey, you pinheads, i don't care about the constitution. >> bill of rights? who cares? >> bill: congressman hare, that might not be the way to go. another congressman hank johnson, georgia democrat, is worried about sending troops to guam. now, guam is a u.s. territory
6:52 am
people there is 180,000 of them u.s. citizens. they can't vote. u.s. territory and we want to send troops there to build up our presence in the pacific. here is congressman johnson. >> this is a island that at its widest level is, what, 12 miles from shore to shore? yeah, my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize. [ laughter ] >> bill: no truth to the rumor is he related to snoop dogg. no truth. all right. or that there is a blew moon involved in that bit. so we're going to send 8,000 troops and the congressman from georgia is worried that the island will tip over. huddy, do you want to pile on. >> i am hoping is he being
6:53 am
figuratively and not literal. >> bill: did he look figurative. >> i'm thinking he doesn't have much of a sense of humor. >> bill: he didn't look figure tiff to me. >> what if he is right? he could be -- what if countries were like those big rafts that you have going down the river and you pile too many people in. >> bill: that's a good question. what if it tips over while we send 8,000 military people there. >> what happens now. >> bill: he will be right. that's why you are on at 3:30 in the morning. pinheads and patriots on deck starring robin williams who may have started an international incident. p and p up next.
6:54 am
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♪ the question is, what will you create? go to and get up to $350 off select series tractors. bill: time now for pinheads and patriots. robin williams entertained in australia and did not find that country to be inspirational. uh-oh. >> you have been to australia
6:56 am
before? >> miserable country. they are english rednecks. how are you good to see you. >> the people are nice? >> lovely. >> i think they would want to hurt me. >> if you are lucky. >> they are rough. >> rough-and-tumble. come on in we'll have a couple of beers and drink our own urine. >> spent time in alabama. friends comment about being redneck is my first response. bill built the governor of alabama said i'm not sure if prime minister rudd has been to alabama if he has he would know we are decent, hardworking creative people. who are the patriots and pinheads? you can sort it out i'm still working on the guam thing. we want to rich everyone a happy easter i hope you have a great weekend. if you are thinking ahead to mother's day and want a signed
6:57 am
edition of bold fresh for mom, we'll give you two free tote bags. my column about why i remain a catholic is posted on billo' michelle and larry: once again we were delighted watching megyn destroy and the church today. bob: were you right and pegyn's position was shocking. john: bill you have criticized activist judges in the past now you want the 4th circuit to be activist. they had power, they chose to hurt the family. they had discretion. george: bill enjoyed the spirited discussion but felt your frustration because neither miss kelly nor dr. hill would acknowledge the discretion part of the argument.
6:58 am
cal: after watching i believe our legal system is being abused by lack of common sense. joshua: i do not trust the government to decide what speech proper. therefore, i agree with megyn. gene: why wasn't that badu woman arrested for stripping off her clothes in d -- in deely plaza? no one filed a complaint. >> it is against school rules to hug but the school can take girls for abortions? mark: bill as a middle schoolteacher we discourage hugging among students, sadly, some kids don't get hugs at home and are starved for affection. joe: o'reilly's no ratings beginner. he's the decade's cable news winner. bill should you desire to boost nielsen higher televise more of jane skinner.
6:59 am
wow, impressive. you should know that he was my college roommate and learned everything he knows from me. that's true.'reilly. please e-mail us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. o' name a tornado if you wish to opine. when writing the factor no flapdoodle when writing to us. i want to thank our clothers. jack victor makes the suits. the next one up skip gambert makes the shirts and the styling is my pal pete. looking good. that's eight for us today. we hope you check out bill


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